About Us


History of Stealth.

Stealth revolutionary technology was born from the minds of Richard Strompf and Karl Lu, two manufacturing experts at the vanguard of their fields who shared a common manufacturing problem.

Richard, an outdoor adventurer, combines his first-hand experience facing the harshest of conditions upon the oceans and land with thirty years in performance gear production to form a unique understanding of how vital the durability of the performance of all-weather gear is. Karl, a chemical engineer and manufacturing expert, has a long history of innovation through developing new products and technologies and modernising process-driven production methods.

At a meeting in 2007 in Jangzhou, China, the pair realised they had a shared problem with lightweight performance gear. Traditional manufacturing methods meant lightweight fabrics of less than 100 deniers were problematic in production and led to quality issues; stitching weakened the seams, and the glue used to fix a water-proofing seamtape was prone to delamination. Alternative options using high-frequency welding also created problemsas the heat used to fuse the seam damaged the fabrics. The duo committed to overcoming the problem that faced them both.

Ten years ago, explorative trials began using pioneering sonic and high-frequency technologies; and in 2016, they formed Stealth welded seams. Through Richard’s and Karl’s persistent efforts, they had created for the first time a method to seam 100 denier and super lightweight fabrics without compromising the quality or performance of the products. Stealth had developed the world’s first and only sonic and high-frequency seaming method that uses no stitching, glue, and external heat.

In 2017 Stealth quickly began producing the world’s first lightweight air mattress before progressing to watertight bags and sleeping bags. Stealth now makes a full range of performance products, adding tents and apparel to their manufacturing capabilities in recent years. And with a new sustainable solar-powered factory due to begin production in the autumn of 2022, the possibilities of applying Stealth seaming technology are limitless.