Global sustainability is our priority.

Stealth understands that current and future generations depend on our business to respect people and preserve the environments where we live and work. Our employees’ well-being is a priority, and we endeavour to maintain a safe, healthy and engaged workforce.

As a global consumer products company, we recognize our responsibility to address our impacts. Our guiding principle is to find innovative, new ways of production that have to offer positive, meaningful change for people and customers.

We deliver long-term value to our consumers by developing innovative solutions to meet their evolving needs, expectations and sustainability goals.

We recognize that our seaming technology works on materials derived from synthetic polymers, the same materials that are hard to dispose of and use natural resources in their creation.

However, we believe that we can significantly reduce our production impacts through our trials of less impactful recycled and bio (plant-derived) materials and the development of stronger, more durable products.

We consider sustainability not only through the lens of material usage and production impact but, importantly, product longevity and circularity. We are committed to advancing our sustainable business processes to preserve natural resources and minimize our carbon footprint; we will do this by pushing the boundaries of innovation through research, experimentation and collaboration.

We believe that change is essential, and it is imperative if we want to continue to enjoy and explore the world around us.